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Many people consider Toyota the number one carmaker in the world. Toyota established its headquarters in the United States in 1957, selling a modest 288 vehicles in 1958. From there, Toyota has grown exponentially. In 2019, Toyota sold a record 10.74 million units! The company is known for the first to develop hybrid technology and for its diverse array of vehicles, including trucks, sedans, and SUV’s. With all these achievements, it’s no wonder so many San Jose residents are looking to buy Toyotas!

As durable as Toyotas are, every vehicle eventually needs to come in for repairs. W.E. Harding Co. can take care of all your auto repair needs. Located in San Jose, we offer services in preventative maintenance, auto glass installation, warning light diagnostics, and more. If you have a Prius, we also repair hybrids!

W.E. Harding Co. is committed to customer satisfaction. We guarantee that we will service your car efficiently and cost effectively. We have serviced and repaired tens of thousands of vehicles over 40 years, and are up-to-date on the latest auto repair technology. Stop by today or give us a call to see what everyone is talking about!